"The business of life is the acquisition of memories.  In the end, that's all there is." -- Carson the butler in "Downton Abbey." 

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  • Photo Stories - Video of 20 photos with up to 30 mins. of audio. $200.
  • Photo Album - Video of narrator going through a photo album, explaining the "who" of pictures or the story behind them.  $300.
  • Regular - The basic 2 hour interview - 2-hour limit.  No edits, family pictures or music.  The DVD production process can take another few hours.   $300.
  • Your Home -- Walk around your home identifying the history of objects plus memories, as well as any "history" of the house.  Two hour limit; edits and transitions included + music.  $400
  • Stories of Your Life - Your family has always loved listening to your stories...the laughs, the hugs, the watery-eyes.  This package has the person on-camera the whole 2 hours just telling stories.  Edits and transitions included, but no family pictures or music.  $400
  • Romance & Weddings Parents of the bride and/or groom telling stories of their own courtship, engagement, planning of their wedding and this one, plus the hopes and wishes for the newlyweds.  Includes pictures and music of your choice.  Video taping limited to 1 hr./family.  Final product limited to 30-minutes. $400

  • Pets / Cars of Your Life - Talk up to one hour about your favorite pets or cars; edits, pictures and transitions included.   $500
  • Special *Veterans* interview - talk about military time or just "life" for one-half hour: no pictures, music, or edits.  $100
  • Extra Special ** Veterans** interview - recount war time or military memories, 2 hrs. - $300 ; with pictures & patriotic music - $500.
  • Posthumous - Up to five people talk about that person in one setting at a specific time for a total time of 2 hrs., recreating them by showing photos, videos, letters, press clippings, obits, etc. - $500.
  • Better - A 3 hour complete life interview, edited down to the essentials with transitions to avoid "funny-looking" edits.  No family pictures or music.  $500.
  • The Best - A 3 hour complete life story, edited interview with title pages, names on the screen, cover pictures (edited video tape of snapshots, portraits, and inclusion of any home movies or videos) PLUS appropriate music.  $900.
  • Business -  Full company history with interviews, testimonials, pictures, narration if desired. Prices begin at $1,500.  Contact Steve for full, written details
  • Churches - History, interviews, cover video, narration if desired. Contact Steve for full, written details. 
    These DVDs are guaranteed to play on TV sets.          
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Give your kids your life -- it's a great gift idea: from the storyteller to the family or from the family to each other.


Receive $50 cash for any referral of a paid, Personal History video client.

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Steve Trainor has been in front of and behind television cameras since becoming a televison news anchor in 1976.  About Steve


The bitter taste of a poor product or inadequate value remains long after the pleasure of a low price.  Can you put a price-tag on memories?