Someone in the future wants to hear from you. Don't disappoint them.                


*  The day after a 96-yr. interviewee died, his grandson, knowing his grandfather was gone, was able to put the DVD on....and his grandpa was alive again.  He told his mom, Steve's client, "Next to giving birth to me, that interview was the best decision you ever made."

  • "It brought tears to my eyes.  It was wonderful.  We can't thank you enough.  I wish we had a million dollars to impart.  We can hardly wait to give it to the kids.  Loved every second of it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

         -- Sally Slabotsky, Kansas City    

  • "It was awesome!  Well worth the time and money.  It will be a keepsake forever.  I'm so thankful we now have this.  It is priceless!  We showed my Dad's DVD to his 100-yr. old Aunt and you should have seen the smile on her face!"  -- Cheryl Osborn, Davenport
  • "You can see statistics about people now gone but with this DVD our future generations can know her (Macey) as a real person.  I felt more connected to relatives I never knew when I heard her memories of her early life.  They're alive to me not because of my memory of her but because of her actual memories."                                                                                  

            -- Fahryn Hoffman, Lawrence, Ks. (granddaughter) 


       "Steve is a thoughtful and genuine interviewer.  

         He's a master at creating a warm environment for

         his "subject" to forget they're "on camera" and

         begin to share the stories of their life.  His great

         sense of humor inspired my Mom (Macey) to  

         have a great time telling her story." 


            -- Mayre Hoffman, Kansas City (daughter) 



"I think you did a great job.  I already knew most of the information that was in the video, but there were a few stories I had not heard before...such as buying my mom's engagement ring.  I thought my dad looked definitely had the lighting perfectly set up!  And the flow of the piece was great, as well.  Thanks again for your hard work.  I've enjoyed it already and I know I will appreciate it even more in the years to come!"


-- Linda Urba Helling, Overland Park, Ks. (daughter)



 "It was just perfect.  I loved it."



-- Jean Stewart (Davenport)


"My dad sat up until midnight rereading through those letters he'd written my now-deceased mom before they were married. 'It was like I had just written them,' he told me. Dad watched his grandchildren in the living room as they vied to read sections of his manuscript, passing pages back and forth and asking him questions about what he'd shared. He knew his stories were
important and will not be forgotten."                                          


-- Marjorie Turner Hollman, Personal Historian                       Bellingham,Mass. 



"Steve's experience as a videographer and interviewer enable our St. Peter's to celebrate and preserve its fifty-year history.  Using photos, videos and commentary, he helped us tell our story.  The final product was factual and fun.  But without Steve's enthusiasm and perseverance about the project, the value of our collective memories would not have been realized."                    


-- Linda Neuman - St. Peter's Episcopal Church


"The video of our church's 50 year history, was a striking and entertaining historical stroll documenting its origination and development into what it has become today.  Steve astutely recognized recurring themes throughout the parishoner's interviews and wove them together to make our story come alive for current and future generations.  


-- Larry Johnsen - St. Peter's Episcopal Church


"Steve was able to help me find my heart in the interviewing process. -- Pat Kirkland - St. Peter's Episcopal Church


"From start to finish it was a pleasure to work with Steve to produce a quality video that tells our story and celebrates 50 years of ministry.  Steve enthusiastically invited members of the church into the project.  His interviewing style, skills and experience put participants at ease and helped them articulate their experiences of St Peter's and what it means to them to be a member here.  Steve creatively wove interview material, photos, video and parish music together into a quality video that tells St. Peter's story.  The video was shown at our 50th anniversary dinner and will be use for years to come as part of our new member incorporation.  I recommend Steve to churches looking for creative ways to share who they are and inivite others into their midst."  -- Rev. Lynne Carver - St. Peter's Episcopal Church  


"You exceeded expectations!  It is truly wonderful.  I love the flow.      I love every sound bite you picked.  I love the starting font.  I just love everything about it!  It is wonderful and perfect!  Thank you for capturing the essence of St. Peter’s. -- Church member


“The video is wonderful and the pictures are so fitting!  It's a great thing to have this and I'll treasure it always.  I think you did a great job balancing out the themes (of my life) and making a cohesive story.  It's wonderful.  Thank you so much.  I cried at the end."  -- "Gay" Gallup




Death without leaving your story is like the burning of a library. -- African saying