Services: What Can Steve Do For You?

  • Ensure you're never forgotten with a review of your life
  • Help you tell your stories, pertinent facts, and thoughts
  • Produce a DVD at any length you'd like, in your own voice




You are the only expert in the making of your story.   The spirit lives as long as someone who lives remembers you.  -- Navajo Indian saying  

How Does He Do It?

Steve has been interviewing people since his first radio news job in 1969.


"The interview is easy and fun," he says.  "We have a conversation and, if during our time together you want to drop or add something else, it's easily done."


Personal Biographies:

  • A complete life (including couples) can be reviewed and videotaped in 2-6 hours through special interview techniques which includes copying pictures, papers, plaques, etc.

Business Histories / Testimonials + Community Events:

  • Testimonials from clients for presentations and posting on web sites
  • Can go on your business site for a quick turnaround event or a more in-depth project
  • Ask about the special prices for these services

Ethical Wills:


This is a non-binding, personal recording of your values, thoughts, blessings, information, even instructions too important to be left unsaid or lost over time.


It’s a way to honor your relationships and a complement to both legal wills and estate plans. It can be shared during your life or once you're gone.


  • With family and facility permission, a discreet interview can be quickly conducted
  • Ask about the special price for this service

Contact Steve today -- or send the Remember Your Life link to others -- to have all your questions answered, your concerns resolved.  Inquiries are answered within 24 hours.