"I save lives forever -- since 2012.  Your -- or someone's story -- is your gift to the future." -- Steve Trainor                                                                                                            If you review only 1 item here, check out the                 "Video Samples" (to the left).  Most are 90-seconds or less.  Below is a compilation of 3-in-1: (2:48 mins.)

Document history, or it WILL be forgotten.

Steve Trainor is a videographer and experienced, consumate interviewer.  Recording an interview is something you might try yourself, but Steve has interviewed for news & public affairs since 1969.  He knows the right question to ask...when...and how.  He doesn't do family tree research but helps you tell the story of your life, including all the "stories" you've told most of your life -- and even a few you haven't.  This legacy video, with your own pictures and underlying music, is then something your children, grandchildren, and beyond will have forever.  They'll be able to see and hear your laugh, your thoughts, your philosophies about love, work, money -- much more than mere pictures and letters left behind.  Steve makes it easy for you.  Free consultation.

“One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't get my father's life story before he died."                           -- Michelle Pfeiffer, movie star, Parade Magazine, May 5, 2012



Helen Bonham Carter says her grandfather rarely talked about his work as a diplomat and defying the Nazis by issuing exit visas, “helping hundreds, if not thousands of Jewish people escape the Holocaust.”  She says “there’s a lesson in the PBS show, “My Grandfather’s War.”: every young person should go and interview their grandparents.”


Help your family for generations to come, remember you:


"The thing about death is that you can't remember what a person sounded like.  You forget all the little things that you once knew.  The sound they made when they opened up the front door, they way they walked, the way they laughed.  All you can do is learn the lessons of those who came before you, their stories, their mistakes and their successes." -- Anderson Cooper, CNN, October, 2014


"I am in the business of history, and it is my job to try to discern some patterns and themes from the past, to help us interpret our ditheringly confusing and sometimes dismaying present.  Without a knowledge of that past, how can we possibly know where we are, and more important, where we are going."  --  Ken Burns, Documentarian


"We cannot wait for the right time, because it will always seem too soon -- until its too late.  -- Ellen Goodman, Columnist


"I think people learn not through edict , but through stories.” -- Michelle Obama, Nov., 2022


"Memory is a kind of accomplishment."

-- William Carlos Williams


"In the end, it's the only thing one can call truly his own.  Memory is each man's own last measure, and for some, the only achievement."  --  William Least Heat Moon ("Blue Highways")

The business model for the "Assoc. of Personal Historians" stopped in 5/17.  Contact Steve direct for a no-obligation, no-hard-sell, free consultation.

What Personal Biographers Do:  bring memories to life !

*  We help you share and save the stories of your life.  Everyone has a story and it should be treated with respect and dignity.

*  Pass on your history!

*  It's a gift and an investment that lasts forever.

*  It can be emotional to remember the past, but it can also be uplifting and inspiring to realize what your life has been and what you have accomplished just in "living."


"A Personal Biographer gives you a gentle push, some guidance, discipline or structure.  We help you get started AND finish!"

-- Deanne Groves, Lifestories LLC, West Monroe, LA.

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